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Pot Still Was And Pot Still Will: In Person Hedge School Event

Exclusive Supporters In Person Event: Friday 23 Feb 2024 at Boann Distillery, Drogheda, Co. Meath. Irish Pot Still Past and Present – a Tasting of Historical Mash Bill Sherry Cask Pulls. “And it’s all right, And it’s commin’ on, We gotta get right back to where We started from…” James Joyce

Online Hedge School: Aqua Ardens, Aqua Vitae, and the Roots of Uisce Beatha

Exclusive Supporters Live Event January 30th at 19:30 IST/GMT, 14:30 EST, 11:30 PST “Aqua vite alia simplex alia composita” – “There is simple and there is complex aqua vitae” Red Book of Ossory The opening lines of the distilling treatise in the Red Book of Ossory. Those interested in Irish whiskey will likely be …

Fionnán introduces Créatúr

You can support the Créatúr project by clicking here:

The Cask Share

Only 400 numbered 500ml bottles at Cask Strength released in 2028